Canadian Olympic Athlete for Trampoline

  • February
  • 29
  • 2012

Trampoline teammates bound for London Olympics

The Toronto Observer

Rosannagh MacLennan remembers when she was 10 years old watching Olympian train on the trampolines at .

At the time, MacLennan said she was too nervous to go and speak with her role model in the sport.

“As I grew up my mom would push me to talk to [Cockburn] and to ask her ‘What were you doing at my age?’ and ‘What did you do this at this point?’” MacLennan said.

Now 23, MacLennan trains with the three-time Olympic medalist at Skyriders as they both prepare for the upcoming . This year’s Olympics will be Cockburn’s fourth — the 31-year-old already has two silver medals and one bronze medal — and MacLennan’s second.

“I started training with her and then it became more of a friendship and a teammate,” MacLennan said, adding they have become close friends and always room with each other when they travel for competitions.